I am not going to be talking about any big shot MNC {Multi National Corporation} in this post. Nor am i talking about Muslims n Christians.. I am referring to ,
M for Manners 
C for Courtesy….. 
Why suddenly a post on this? well, i guess it has been long due.. and today, i realised people do need a lesson.. If it were upto me, i would just chain them all up, and get them to a common area and teach em a few lessons or give them a taste of their own medicine… 
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What happened?
Well, i had finished a movie and was sitting in the restaurant sipping on my coffee. When i had walked in, the place was fairly empty and even though i offered to sit around the counter, the staff showed me to a table for 2. I ordered a coffee and idiyappam, and another take away order. Within minutes, the place filled up. I guess couple of other movies had let out or where about to start and the people who piled into the eatery were either done or waiting for their movie. 
Anyways, without digressing.. A family of 4 sat in the table next to mine, a lady, an elderly man, and 2 kids[ one looked teenageish and other must have been 8-9yrs old]. I was generally looking around and spotted this lady staring at me [eyes glued.. i kid you not], and then i saw her eyes go to my forearm [ i have a tattoo there] and then all the way down to my legs… And then, she instantly beckoned the teenagish girl and said “woh dekho, uske haath mein aur ankle mein tattoo hain.. kaisi ladki hain ye?” [look at her, she has a tattoo on her arm and on her ankle,,. wonder what kind of a girl she is.. – in a full on gossip mode]
How do i know what she said? No, i dint lean over or anything, she was loud enough. 
I turned, and once again noticed her staring at me. I looked at her straight and said “is there something wrong?” 
She instantly turned away awkwardly and pretended to fuss with the other kid’s food. Within seconds, i could feel her stare once again on me and she actually pointed to my tattoos and showed it to the man beside her..
I kinda lost it, was ready to get up and go give her a piece of my mind, when another man walked over to their table, shushed her and sat down. 
OK, that was Incident 1… While i waited for the parcel and bill, i noticed there were quite a few standing, waiting for a table. I saw a middle aged couple hover about, and they actually came to stand near my table. Since i was done eating, i was generally gazing around, talking to a friend on the phone and looking at the menu card. I look up and i see her staring at me intently. She then calls her husband to tell him ” look at her, sitting in a table meant for 2, not eating but not leaving…. cant she see we are waiting here?” [in Hindi]
A waiter passed by the table, i asked if i could wait at the counter.. He said “No,ma’am, give me 2mins, will bring your parcel and bill”.. I saw the lady hoverinng around, and actually  her she could sit in the empty chair in my table. She shirked her shoulders and said “Nahin, nahin koi zaroorat nahin [no no, there is no need]” and continued standing and staring.
They stood around, shifting from one foot to the other.. I was also getting restless and felt bad that people were waiting… Finally, one of the staff requested them to stand on the other side as it was blocking their path. I got up, went to the counter near the entrance, asked for the bill and got ready to leave. That woman looks at her husband and says “she could have done this earlier na… cha, people these days dont care about others”[ in hindi] … I smiled at her and told her “sorry you waited so long, it was not my fault, however i did ask you to sit in the empty chair and you chose not to].. her husband smiled at me and said “haan beta[yes dear], i know.. anyways we have got a table now “
What is it with people?
Why do they stare or gawk?
Do they not care about others or do they think they are above us ?
Why do they love poking their nose into others’ business?
What would they do if someone else commented/gossiped about them?
I am the kind who will get up and give my seat to someone if they are older than me, with a baby, unwell or specially abled…
I tell people “sorry” and “thank you”- even to auto/bus drivers and toiler cleaners… 
I am not saying go out of your way to be nice, but live and let live…. 
Learn some manners people!!! Your children are going to grow up thinking it is ok to gupshup, gossip, and pass comment on others… You never know, you might be at the receiving end one day… God Forbid… 
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