How I wish i could switch off this life and get away, disappear? Maybe to a place where i know no one and there is nothing but the ocean and clear blue skies for company? The only place that comes to mind is Pondicherry. The last time I was there was a year ago, sigh, time sure seems to fly… Walking along the ocean, as the sun rose into the sky, watching it shimmer in the crystal water was a sight that can only be experienced and not described. 
Early morning walkers and joggers went
about their routine, fruit and juice vendors were just setting up their
stalls as i strolled along the pavement. The grey walls of the building
on the other side of the road shimmered in the morning sun. The ocean
played music in my ears, as I forgot the world for a few brief moments. 
though you cannot go to the water in this stretch of the beach, there
is a certain sense of peace that sets in amidst the buzz. The little
town transforms, coming alive as day sets in, more so towards late
evening. People are walking in groups, sometimes with a child running
along, or a dog trotting beside them. Popcorn, sugar candy, ice cream
vendors throng the shore line. Kuri josiyam [ a different form of
palmistry] ladies trot from person to person trying to get a client and
make them part with a few 100 rupees.

The Gandhi statue amidst the tall pillars stands out, above all the hustle and bustle around. Pondicherry is a town i can visit over and over, and everytime it brings a smile on my face, and i come back with a new experience. 
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