Finally, the day we had all been waiting for came and now it has gone… Damn, feels like it was only yesterday when we all met and were bouncing off the idea of hosting a celebration of sorts… 

The chaos, the activities, the anxiety, the blog posts, the what not have all come to an end now…  It was one hellova evening at Residency Towers- Town Hall on 29th September. 

People were excited, buzzing about
Balloons being filled and going up on the walls and doors
The banners being rolled out
Projectors and screens being tested
Emcees wondering what their script was…. reading, re-reading
Amidst all this, we managed to taste some yummy treats brought by a few members….
————>  Tasneem Aunty brought us a dessert made using Colostrum
————> Yalini with her mom’s aloo tikkis and her cute cupcakes
deserve a big round of applause… We all needed these to keep us going till dinner time.

We had all met each other only a few months ago, ok, maybe a year. But it felt different, not like any of the other events i have been a part of.. why? we were family. Yes, that is the word- it felt like a family gathering. We were all pitching in without being asked, we were all contributing without being forced, and we had a whale of a time.

The Quiz
The Stand up show by Aswin
The presentations
and the Launch of Chennai food guide website & mobile app [ grrr that it is not available on iOS or BB yet.. but nonetheless a proud moment indeed]
Oh, how could i forget the food and the after-party!! ;o)

It was one evening i shall remember for a long time to come!
This was also one evening, when my camera stayed put inside my bag but for these 3 clicks…
and a smile stayed put on my face through the evening….!!

How could i forget? we got cool goodie bags- A Chennai food guide mug, Cookies from Yalini and a coupon from Gormei Market… *drum roll*… icing on the cake, err goodie bag was the rich chocolate Cup cake from Priya’s Feast  🙂

As CFG walks into its 9th year, here’s wishing the group an amazing interesting fun filled productive journey ahead! 

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