On the evening of CFG’s 8th Anniversary Celebrations, Mr Mahadevan, one of the guests announced their Longest Photo cake event .. This was part of the Joy of Giving week. Last year, they had done the same event, except the cake was based on movies of yesteryear. This year, it was a tribute to Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja… 
Not only this, but he announced that 100kgs shall be set aside for Chennai Food Guide members, given to us for FREE… The event was slated for 2nd Oct , at Express Avenue Mall.
As decided, we all met up at the mall at the venue of the event, and were excited to see what was ahead of us.  We got to meet a few new faces, and interact with other friends as well.. In total, we were about 30 of us, we walked around the entire length of the cake, trying to spot the movies we had seen, heard of and the ones that were completely new. We waited patiently sweating away, listening to Mohan, Parthiban, Srinivas, Sriram, Mr Mahadevan, Chef Bhupesh, and Gautam Menon speak about the event. It was amazing to hear the announcements of cake being sold, people who bought them, and the money contributed to Ekam Foundation. Few members from CFG got the chance to speak to Raj TV, while the rest of us generally hung around having a good time…. 
And then, it was time to cut the cake….. Few minutes later, we were all trying to fit the huge cake box into plastic bags… but only after checking out what movie was on the piece we received. Even though it was free for us, we went ahead and made a contribution to Ekam… What a beautiful feeling to give to those in need.. Apart from the little deeds that we do, we thank Mr Mahadevan of Oriental Cuisines for this lovely opportunity as well… 🙂 
 I had Pillai Nila on my cake… Not heard or seen this movie…
Subsequent to the event, the group waltzed lingered around, catching up, taking photographs, and winding up with a burppilicious dinner at Rajdhani…
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