The sweetness of chocolate, tartness of strawberry and the added flavour
of sweet cream was what i felt in my mouth with the 1st bite of the
crepe. I was at Dessert Studio, the newly opened place in Khader Nawaz
Khan road [ it is in the same campus as Espirit, tucked away on the 1st
floor, with the entrance on the side]

You could miss this place  if you dont know of it or dont notice the
name board in the front. Completely white, the burst of colour on the
ceiling is such a feast for the eyes. Simple decor, few white tables
with cute egg kinda designer chairs, and a self service counter. That is
all you find here. If you are the observant kind like yours truly, as
you open the main door, you will notice the wall with three categories
mentioned on it-  Choco
Berries (UAE), Yogo-D-Lite (Italy) and Shake-a-Take (UK),- three different banners, three times the number of
options to choose from.

 Founded by Food Spreads Pvt Ltd’s Jinshad Haziy, Rishdin Nasir and Anas
Nasir, the Dessert Studio offers quite a variety of Shakes, Yoghurt Ice
creams [which came in 3 sizes] and Bites [Crepes, waffles and desserts-
Apple walnut crumble and such…one that was in their display reminded
me of Theobrama]. The interesting thing is each of the three banners
have a seperate billing counter, good or bad? Both i guess. It is a bit
cumbersome if you want to place an order that has items from across
their menu. Imagine hopping from one counter to the other, you will be
tired and frustrated. Luckily, me and my friend headed towards the Choco
Berries section. We chose the Strawberry Belgian Chocolate Crepe and
waited a few minutes before it was ready.

 I love Strawberries, i like chocolate and i love Crepes, so this was just perfect. The crepe was thin and light, filled with rich chocolate [ which was not too sweet]. I just wished it was  bigger and lasted longer than 10 bites. 🙂 [That is just greedy me].

Friend wanted to take something home for her kids, and since they loved ice cream, she chose Strawberry Yoghurt ice cream only to be told they dont parcel them [as the ice cream melts and taste is lost]. She then settled for Milkshakes, Kit Kat milkshake since her kids liked the chocolate the most.

It is a nice place, no doubt, with a limited menu, but something they seem to have mastered. I hear they also plan on launching a brunch soon, just hope they dont dilute the menu and start offering everything under the sun and become one of those places we see around every corner.

Ambiance: 7/10
Service: Self service [cant reallly rate it.. but polite staff who are ready to help]
Price: 5/10 [ The Crepe we ordered was Rs170 not incl tax, the shakes i think were Rs80]
Overall Rating : 6/10 [but nothing new, nothing that makes you go WOW]
#8 Khader Nawaz Khan Road [Espirit compound, next to new Crimson Chakra]
Ph: 044 42010699

URL: They dont have a website, but do have a Facebook page- DessertStudioIN

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember that restaurants and eat outs sometimes change with time, so does their food and service. So, kindly consider these factors while visiting the places. Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂

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