As the year draws to an end, let me leave you with this beautiful image from the city i call home- Chennai…

Me: What is the one place you want to go to when you come to Chennai/Madras?
Cousin [over the phone from Delhi]- The Beach

I rest my case!!

When she was here, one morning we all rose early[5am] and drove down to
the beach, not just any beach, but The Marina Beach… Spent about
2hours walking along the shore, while some played in the water a bit
before joining us… What a fun morning that was! And this is almost a routine everytime she visits home 😀

Did you know that the Marina beach is the longest in the country? yes,
it stretches for over 14kms…. and one has easy access to the water as
well, unlike in other places where you cannot get your feet wet 🙂

These were fishing boats resting before the trip into the ocean. There
were a few fishermen sorting out the fishing nets nearby. They had done
one round of fishing early in the morning [3-4am] and will go again in a
while… What a life!!

Happy New year! see you on the other side

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