Everyday someone or
the other is busy putting their foot in their mouth and the entire Online world
is busy shunning them.
There was  Abhijeet
Mukherjee call women ‘dainted painted”
, Followed by some
song/lyrics by Honey
is. And yesterday it was all about Asaram
and his talk about how women should call men, specifically rapists
Bhaiya and that will cure the world. I don’t have a clue who any of them are
and they seem to be hogging the limelight in media for all the wrong reasons,
but what is the real issue here? Why are we not talking about it or doing
something about it?  How can i forget the tongue wagging on India vs
Bharat vs Hindustan a few days ago.. 

The only thing all
these guys have in common is Politics and that is one arena i steer clear off.
I follow enough to know my rights and Vote, that is it! But ever since the
Delhi Gangrape instance, media- print, television, online and just about every
other kind have been plastering the words all over and sharing their opinions
and what they think is the solution to the issue. It makes me sad that media is
having a blast out of this sad state of affairs. There are girls and am sure
even boys who are going through trauma and struggling to wake up every morning,
but the media is busy raving and ranting, raking in the moolah…. 
Can we get to the
point please? Can we stop harping on and on about how the poor girl was raped,
or how long it took for the cops to take them to the hospital or about how
brutal she was treated by the rapists? Can we also stop and take a look around
us and within us, just stop everything we are doing for a minute and do this? I
get the feeling that like every other issue, this too will die a happy death
and people will get on to talking about the next HOT thing.. I fear this will
happen, Soon…. 
Let me share with you
an instance a friend told me– Couple of months ago, one night when  she
was getting back home after a dinner with friends, a car stalked her. Well, she
was in an auto and just as they crossed Taj Coromandel, she looked up and out to
see a Red SUV next to the auto. The Guy driving it was staring right at her. She
apparently looked and the next instant looked away, made a call, and so on. But
a few yards down, near Sanjeevanam she noticed the same SUV parked on the side,
but a minute later engine revved up and he followed suit. [It could be that her
mind was playing games or she was just being paranoid, but nonetheless, read
The auto turned and headed down the road, and stopped at the signal. The
SUV pulled up on her left  side and out of the corner of my eye she could
see the guy was staring at her. She said she then gave the auto driver
directions and they had to go 2 more signals before making a turn. At the next
signal, she noticed  the SUV turn left and heaved a sigh of relief. But
the stupid auto driver forgot that he had to go straight and turned left. Wham,
the Red SUV stood there parked on the left. She said she was freaking out
inside and dint know what to do…. 
She gave the guy directions to get out of
the road, took him on a bit of a roundabout, but the SUV continued following
them. She dint have friends in this area, nor were her parents home, and I
wasnt in town either, so she had no choice but to head home. All she
did was pray the SUV was just coincidentally going to the same area,even though
her mind was telling her otherwise. They got off the bridge, made a few turns
and entered her street. She said could see the headlights of the SUV through
the auto rear view mirror. She took out the money, counted it out  and
even before the auto drew to a full halt, was jumping out, entered the gate and
got to the main door. She was shaking all over when she called me. She said she
had spotted the SUV go straight past her gate, do a U turn, pause near the
gate for a minute or so before driving away….  

[PS: She hasnt shared this with her family for fear they might warn her of going out alone and constantly going on about this incident..]

Even though luckily
nothing happened, it is still scary to think of “what if”… Couple
of us decided then that we need to either learn some self defense or pick up
pepper sprays and other such items to protect ourselves.
Agreed, rapes and
murders have been going on in our country and elsewhere for decades now. But
this one instance has jolted the country.. It took this brave girl and her
friend to get people to sit up and notice. I fear that with the media playing
games people might lose focus and it might once again be hidden under the thick
carpets.  I want girls to start taking action into their hands and stop
MEN from misbehaving- it could be their family, colleagues, friends, or
 And I also want every
one of us to start RESPECTING each other and to STOP acting like morons. To
think that a 17yr old showed such brutality towards a 23yr old girl, it makes
me wanna go beat them up and every other lech around… 
Teach your kids to be
aware, teach them to respect others and not to misbehave! 
Teach them to stop
others if they cross the line, teach them what is the right touch and what is
Can we not lose focus
please… will the media please GET to the point and stay there please!!

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