“The painter had no colors left to paint the night. He embellished it with dreams….[via twitter]

Rhyme in the recipe. Meter in the measured spices. One of those days when one has to cook poetry in the kitchen. Not with paper and pen….[via twitter]

Such simple words, but they pack a punch, don’t you think so? Well, here is the lady behind these wonderful verses- Subhashini. I’ve known her as @neelavanam and follow her on Twitter. How did I connect with her? One day, a few words strung together singing a song caught my eye and I was hooked.  

“A pencil carries more potential. It is sharp and focussed. A cursor is a distracted being, throbbing to peep into other windows….” [via twitter]

And everyday I along with her many other followers would eagerly look forward to the verse she shared on twitter. I dabble in a bit of poetry and so it was a lovely feeling connecting with another person who liked it as much, if not more. One day last month? or was it few weeks ago? She announced her book was out, it was a collection of her micropoetry.. I knew I had to get my hands on it, and before I knew it I was holding it in my palm. 

“From the Anklets of a Homemaker”
is the name of the book
Subhashini, the one who weaves magic through words

There are poems on rain
There are verses on life
They all come together 
so fine, so beautiful

I wondered about the title
I wondered what she meant
But by the last page, 
I dint really care 😀 

Each poem is a story
a tale
an experience
a leaf out of a day

The words
hold within a few hidden secrets
or maybe a yearning 

Every page
I enjoyed
Ever word
I savored

Honestly, the book was such a breeze to read perfect with a cup of filter kaapi or maybe a mojito. Sit by the window, let the breeze tease your senses and you will enjoy this book immensely. The poems within the book are divided into three sections – Reflections of a Summer Rain, Rivers of
endless desire, Meditations
. Even though I felt some poems could be interchanged, am sure the author had her reasons for placing them where she did. 

Some of my favorites were,

“The eyes can spot a butterfly ~
but not he huge stumbling blocks
The nose can trace cooking food~
not the fears of a weary heart”

“Desire is the 
pulse of life”

“In a steaming cup of morning coffee~
reflections of moving clouds ~delicious”

“That which you get ~
without asking for ~
are blessings”

No, not gonna share any more… ;o) 

You need to read and pick the ones you enjoyed! Since I write the occasional poem, I know that some sound poetic and some very prose. There are sentences that you could rap, and some that read like a story. That is the beauty of poetry- no set rules, just speak your mind and watch the words take their twists & turns. I don’t look for rhyme, nor do I look for a pattern, maybe that is why I liked this book a lot!

Curious? Why don’t you grab a copy? You can buy this book from Flipkart or Amazon

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