Today is Valentine’s day, a day when am flooded with messages and mails. NO NO, none from guys lusting after me, but from portals and companies asking me if I want to send flowers or gifts to loved ones.. Buhahaha.,if only they knew!! As of now, there is only one person I LOVE crazy and that is ME! all else can wait their turn.
Jokes apart, it is a day that has no meaning. I really wonder “Do we need A DAY to express our love? share our feelings?” Infact I feel the same about all other days as well- Mothers’ day, father’s day, blah blah. That apart, being in love is a beautiful sensation, and to experience that is the only way one can understand it. It is not about two hearts beating as one, or two souls coming together or two people who have dreamy eyes and go goo goo gaga about everything. 
According to me, it is about two people who just connect. Sometimes there is no reason, and other times there might be a common interest or some personality trait that draws them to each other. 
I often stared at the tacky [don’t sue me, it is just what I feel about them] gifts, all in heart shapes, and then let us not forget the teddy bear holding the heart, or the box of heart shaped chocolates and wondered “why” “oh why”, why cant people just spend time with each other and be happy instead of spending on these gifts. What is the one precious gift I cherish? well it is a hand written letter from that special someone, who was a big part of my life. Now, I am moving ahead, trying to build a new bridge[s], and to see where it takes me. 
To all of you out there, just say a “I love you” to the one you love/care/close to, it could be your best friend, your sibling, parents, spouse, just about anybody. Say it, make their day and make them smile!! 
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