This is a chain love story as a part of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) chain story relay. In this we write a love story as this month is for love. 17 Bloggers will write one chapter of a love story to make a beautiful love story. How do you know it will be a beautiful story? Bah, who cares.. Don’t we all love a good love story.. so just shhh, and read on………….. 
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The story begins here …. 

As he walked down the road, he was lost in thoughts  Every time he heard an auto, he would pause and turn.  Dammit, how could a girl, a glance affect him so much… Like the heroes in the movies, he was love struck.. All he could think of was “Would she come back?” “Would theirs be the kind of love story you see in movies?” That evening, he got home, dumped the gifts on his bed and sat on the bed blank. Minutes later, he sprung off the bed and began looking high and low. He was searching for something, but what? His mom was rapping at the door asking if he wanted coffee. He dint answer, instead he just said “No ma, she was wearing a red kurti and blue denims”.. “Ennamo po, I think this work is getting to you” guffawed his mom slamming the door shut.

All he did was continue with his search for a good half hour before a smile broke out on his face. Ah, there it was. He knew he had kept it safe somewhere, just forgot where. The sketch pad sat under his favorite jacket in his cupboard. 

He pulled it out, hunted around for the box where he kept the pieces of charcoal. After a few minutes he gave up searching and went to the kitchen. He began rummaging in the shelves, while his mom went on asking him questions. He found a small piece hidden near the gas cylinder. His mom used charcoal to put sambarni around the house on fridays. 

Raced back to his bed, sat on it, put a pillow on his lap and began to sketch. It was as if he was possessed. All he could think of where her eyes, those beautiful lashes and eyebrows. Within minutes, he felt the same stare, the same look. Wow,  she sure was pretty. He could hear the TV blaring in the living room, some sob serial as always. 

He managed to have dinner and get some sleep. But awoke in the middle of the night. “Oh no, what if I never see her again?” he thought. He decided to head back to the same store near his office and see if she comes back. He was secretly hoping she missed him, thought of him and would be curious to meet the guy who was so taken in by her. His phone rang blinking his colleague’s name

You are my pumpkin pumpkin
Hello honey bunny
I am your dumpling dumpling
Hello honey bunny
Feeling something something

jolting him out of his reverie, it was time to get ready for work…………But 1st, he had to change that ringtone, gah, this tune was meant for his special someone 🙂

I am hoping  Rajiv Nagarajan will add more jazz or give it a bit of a twist…  He is a random Blogger, Bachelors in Political Science , Network Engineer at
CSS Corp, Carnatic Musician (Mridangist) Passionate to join the Army
,tamBrahm , greenhorn photographer, chennai trekker,

volunteer with EFI,cricket buff .

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