Today is Friday, Today is also International Women’s Day! And today was Flower Friday theme on Chennai Bloggers Club! 
Here are a few flowers that I came upon, that I think represent a Woman beautifully! 
Naga Pushpam- uncle brought it from the temple today. It has so many layers, the outer petals so thick protecting the delicate center from harm. The center too has multiple layers. just like a woman who has all these layers, an exterior that helps her deal with life and people… 

Frangipani- I love this flower, spotted this bunch on the tree in Tranquebar at Neemrana Bungalow on the beach. I spotted white and then I also spotted this pink, purple and yellow coloured flowers. They are always either in a cluster or single. Thick petals, an elegant shape and they stand out when compared to other flowers. Just like every woman, each one is unique, stands out and oozes with charm and strength..

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