It was a saturday, and we[me+friends] were at Edge design house for the CinC event.  That evening we had done a tree walk in Kotturpuram [you can read about it here], and my friend’s son P was quite pooped by the time we reached Edge. The band was introduced and they began performing. He wanted me to sit with him on the other side of the hall, where there was a soft mat on the floor. He lay down, rolled around, did a few acrobatics, put his head on my lap and played with my phone for a few minutes. But soon gave up and dozed off to sleep. I was sitting right next to him and couldnt help but capture his baby feet. 
He is 4yrs old, but nevertheless a baby.. The innocence… I smile wondering what his reaction would be if I were to show him this picture few years down the road.. 😉

There is something about children that draws me to them. We seem to connect instantly and I become their play mate… They are such bliss to be around…

Submitting this for Tender Tuesday theme set by Chennai Bloggers Club… 🙂

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