Yet another drink I enjoy is the “Long Island Iced Tea” . Was introduced to this by a friend at TGIF, Bangalore.  It so happened that the time we landed there was Happy Hours, and so we each got 2 drinks for the price of 1. I quite enjoyed the Long Island Iced Tea but it was a huge glass, and we spent nearly 4-6 hours there-  talking, catching up,eating, drinking, trying to finish 1 drink before moving on to another.. I recall she ordered something different, equally big and heavy.. It was fun.. 
I’ve had this drink in many other places, and it tastes the same, but comes in glasses of different shapes and sizes. At 10Downing Street and Fusion 9, it comes in a regular glass, but somewhere else [I forgot where], it came in a beautiful tall glass [like the one Cream center uses for their Iced Tea and it is a tall glass indeed]

From the 1st sip, I was curious what the drink had. And i managed to dig out this image I have saved on my Hard drive on how the Long Island Iced tea is made.. ;o) There is another drink called Long Island Beach Tea, but the ingredient[s] are tad different and I dint really like the taste of it.

And for those of you who follow The Big Bang Theory, this is one howlarious episode…

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