The question “Recommend a pure vegetarian[north indian] restaurant in chennai” would have only one answer if someone were to ask me. NO,  it is not Kailash Parbat or Cream Center, the only name to come out of my mouth would be “Rajdhani“. Yes, the restaurant has not only impressed me, but also my family and many others, some of who happen to be staunch non vegetarians. That is how good they are! 

The 1st time I visited Rajdhani was the day they launched in Express Avenue. I had gone for a movie with friends and we hopped across to the food court and decided to have dinner here. One warning I must throw out is “make sure you are really hungry and your stomach is really empty” when visiting Rajdhani. The food here is that amazing and you will want to try out each of the dishes, which means you will be bursting in your seams if you stuff yourself. Food served here is pure veg, made with Ghee and the finest of spices and ingredients, and light on the masalas. 

Thanks to an ex-colleague and the bit of travel I have done, the cuisine is not new. But some of the dishes are equisite and delicious that you will go for a 2nd or even a 3rd helping. So, there I was, back in Rajdhani, this time in their 3rd outlet, the newest one, in Phoenix Market City. 

We were greeted in the traditional way, with a tikka and a welcome drink made with raw mango. And then, as you can guess was the feast. Spent a few minutes speaking to the Marketing head and team who’d flown down from Mumbai, heard the Hemji maharaj [head chef] explain each of the items on the menu [he apparently takes care of the South and shuttles between cities]. We also got a quick tour of the kitchen. While many of us assumed they had a central kitchen, we were told it was not so, each kitchen made the dishes every day. The only dish that was not cooked in the kitchens, and that came from Mumbai, specially for summer was Aam Ras. 

A new dish they have introduced is the Khoya roti, thick and yumm it felt it had been soaked in ghee and cooked with love. My favorite was the Daal bhati choorma, mango khadi, kichdi [ofcourse], khoya roti, pineapple kesari and jalebi. The meal has “I dont know how many” [72] items and is priced at Rs420/-. It is a meal that leaves you feeling like you are a King or Queen. Go ahead. Indulge!! And if you love mangos, this is the time to visit, they have included a few mango based dishes which are lip smacking

Phoenix Market City
Level 1, Velachery main Road, Velachery, Chennai , Tamil Nadu – 600 042
Mr. Ezhilarasan
Ampa Skywalk
Level – 3, Ampa Skywalk, No.1, Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai – 600029
Mr. Arunamachalam Jayaram
044 – 43063532 

Express Avenue Mall
Level – 3, Express Avenue Mall, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014
Mr. Chinappa
044 – 28464422/33

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