She ran around playing
her mother had made sure she was never alone

She was a good girl
books, the village pup and her one friend were her world
She walked cautiously
stealing glances from the corner of her eye

She held on to her dress
eyes big and scared, looking as if she might cry

She felt dirty
wondered why that man had asked her to take off her clothes

She felt the pain
her body ached in places she dint know existed

She knew not what it was
her mind was blank, while the rest of her just floated

She wanted to reach home
hoping to find some comfort in her mother’s pallu

She broke the silence
her parents shunned her, calling her names

She was all of 6
how on earth could she have invited this demon on her

She met her fate
the village well, that was the only answer she sought solace in.

(c) Aarti 19th April 2013

Every morning i wake up to a news of a child raped, abused somewhere in the country/world. Makes me sad, makes me feel helpless. Yesterday’s news about a 5yr old who’d been raped by a neighbor was just too horrifying. I cant even begin to imagine what that little one is going through. I know a lot of 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 yr olds and I only pray to God that they are all kept safe… I want each and every one of us to take it upon ourselves to educate, teach, and protect the children around us…

Submitting this post for the Child Sexual abuse awareness month theme run by Chennai Bloggers Club….

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