Strolling along a well laid out sidewalk, there are guys selling Mexican burritos, Lebanese Falafel alongside French Crepe oozing with nutella or fresh fruits & cream is the feel you get as you look at the menu in Spoonbill.  

This was my 2nd or 3rd visit to Spoonbill and I quite enjoy the food here. The concept is Street food, European to start with but now they have incorporated a few Indian dishes owing to demand. They also have a Sunday Morning breakfast and Daily Happy hours [ 1 for 1 offer]. 

There we were, a few hungry souls, most of whom had been there before, sorry, 2 of them say it was their 1st visit. Charlie came over, explained the concept, the menu, the items, and thus began the food trail in Europe. 

 Falafel Salad

The evening began with us piling around the fridge to pick out a drink of our choice. I chose the watermelon juice, which was just perfect- no sugar, no ice[though i would not have minded some ice], many others dint like it cos it was sugar less. There was also Iced tea, Melon juice and a Mango-yoghurt smoothie of sorts. Moving on to food, we were greeted by Piadina, what looked like Quesedilla, probably a distance relative of the same, except these were made with different type of flour. We then tasted the Mushroom Crepe [ the saltiness of the mushroom went well against the bland crepe], then came the 2 different kinds of kebabs – Hara bhara and Paneer, the 1st one won hands down, infact even the non veggies silently sneaked towards the Veg corner of the table and dug their teeth into these kebabs. 

 Burrito & nachos

Kebabs- Hara Bara Kebab & Paneer kebab
They were served alongside fresh Mint chutney and a paratha of sorts. Along came the doner kebab salads, the vegetarians had falafel salad, which was yumm, and the portions were also good decent size, any more and it would be too much. We also sampled the Veg Burrito [filled with salad, salsa, refried beans], though we felt this could do with some tanginess/extra salsa maybe. There was also a plate of nachos that we dug into while we waited for the other dishes. 

Wait, i know i forgot something. Ah yes, the empanada– these resembled the samosa/somas, and the filling is jalepenos and cheese- that is it. Sinful treat, am already wondering what variation could be made in this… Oh, i must mention the yumm taste of the Madras masala spice sauce that was used in the Currywurst [sausages based dish]- it was filled with flavour[ the masala, d’oh]. The bread served along with this was Grochen[hope i got the name right] and it was WOW, i lost count of how many i asked for and that were stolen by others.. grrr.. 


As conversation flew, so did the food. Some of us wandered about curious to see the making process, while others were happy yapping away in their seats. The place was filled with people of all ages, I could spot a table with what looked like school kids, another with a family [ incidentally the man came over, introduced himself , saying he was a CFG member and that he recognised a few of us ๐Ÿ™‚ looks like we are a popular/notorious lot].. We also tried two different sandwiches/subs of sorts- one had mint&chilli, other had garlic&chilli seasoing and both were lip smacking.

And then came the treats, the delicious desserts.. Different kinds of crepes- there was the good ol nutella filled crepe, following suit was the strawberry brownie custard and finally the ice cream crepe. We dug into them like we havent seen food before. Some spilling onto their shoes, while others just ripped the crepes like they were dosas.. lol.. such an unruly happy bunch we are, especially when it comes to food. I chit chatted with Charlie while he made the crepes and learnt about the batter, the process, how they plan the food, what happens to leftovers etc.. He also made a few small pancakes, which were for the kiddie meal they have.  

Ooh ooh, wait, there is one thing I need to mention- the cutlery. It is all made of wood and absolutely adorable. The spoons, forks, and even the mini fork like thingys that was given for the currywurst. adorable.  

Cooking  is an art indeed. 

Spoonbill is located above Cafe coffee day on TTK Road

#239, TTK Road,  [Above Cafe Coffee day]

Chennai 600018

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember that restaurants and eat outs sometimes change with time, so does their food and service. So, kindly consider these factors while visiting the places. Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appรฉtit  ๐Ÿ™‚ 
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