It is April and that means only one thing to me… it is time for .. What is that? Well, it refers to Child Sexual Abuse & Awareness. A campaign started by one, where many others joined in is now working towards making a difference to the lives of children across the country. 

You can read more on #CSAAM through their twitter account – CSAwareness
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I recall watching this one episode of Satyameva Jayate where the chosen topic was Child sexual abuse. A few who had been abused during their younger years participated, shared their stories and also spoke about how the family and then the society just did not embrace them, or help them. I have friends, single and married ones, some with kids and some yet to get there. I am so happy to see the ones with kid talk to their children about “good touch” “bad touch”, who can touch who where and what to do if someone does something wrong. I am also thankful that these kids have such caring parents, family and friends who educate them, protect them and make sure they know what is right and wrong. [watch the episode here]

What was awesome about the show was 1) that people came out to talk about their experiences and 2) the show had organised a mini session to educate kids about their body and touch.  [The workshop]

don’tthink my parents or many of our parents even knew of child sexual abuse, and even if they did, I don’t think they did anything about it.. In most homes it is a taboo to talk about such issues, I cant understand why! These are aspects that one needs to focus on, teach their child about and share knowledge, spreading awareness.

Today, when i read about all the rapes, and abuses that little girls go through, my heart goes out to them. At the same time, i am angry at the parents who have not taught their child self protection. I remember reading about the case in Kerala where the father had been abusing his own daughters, and the older one had committed suicide and the 2nd one refused to go home from school and when probed, shared the truth at school . but yet, her mom does nothing.. what the hell is wrong with the world? [read the article here]

Am not gonna preach or say do this or that. I just want all of us to join hands and help children stay safe… Help our siblings, friends, and any little one we see around stay safe.. Childhood is all they have, once they grow up the responsibilities & expectations will take over, even if these don’t, their hormones will… 🙂 

So, spread the word, spread awareness.. don’t wait for anyone to give you the green signal~~!! 
PS: If you have a story to share, please do blog about it and share the same with , and if not, tweet little tips, points that will help[ make sure to include #CSAAM at the end of your tweet]…. 

Thanks for reading~!! 
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