This year promises to bring about some big changes in my life. The 1st of which has been my moving to a place of my own. Yes, I finally took the leap and have now moved to an apartment that is all mine! This is also when it hit me that I need to start watching my finances bit more deeply. I cannot afford to be careless and thus came the need to cut corners and cut down on certain aspects of my life. 

But the one thing I shall not stop is reading, borrowing or buying books. I do visit the local library, but there are some books that I love to devour, take my own time reading. And i have collected quite a few books over the years. Did manage to give away some of them, but all others are moving with me to the new place. The book shelf has bit of empty space that shall soon get filled. While looking for new interesting books, I normally tend to browse through them in the book store and then make the purchase through one of the online stores. There are a few books that I have now placed in my wishlist in Flipkart, time to get them into the shopping cart and onto my hands soon.. 

The two sites I frequent are Flipkart and Amazon. Have discovered they are the best when it comes to availability, price and delivery!  And all these sites I found on CouponDunia. All I do now is spend a few minutes browsing through Flipkart Coupons and Amazon Coupons and order the products that I need from the same. I have discovered this is the one sure shot way of saving money and time. Now, if you are someone who is not into books, but are into clothes or gadget or furniture, there are websites that are reliable, provide high quality products which are connected to CouponDunia. I found the best deals via SnapDeal Coupons. Not only are you getting just what you desire, but for a steal price. Since I have moved into this house, the past few weeks have been busy. I have done quite a bit of shopping thanks to this site and am glad that I did not have to cut too many corners!! Off I go to browse through the latest deals. 

Happy Shopping!
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