Here I come with a quick review about another movie theater in Chennai. This time I am talking about Inox Movies in Citi Center complex in Mylapore.

This is a small mall near the Marina Beach, and the theater is on the top floor- 3rd floor. There are not one or two, but 4 screens, some small while others are huge. I have seen quite a few movies here, and off late it has become easier since they have a mobile app that you can use to block/book tickets on. The only catch, need to be at the counter half hour to an hour ahead of the movie screening time to collect the tickets. Ticket here are also priced at Rs 120 and they do levy a booking charge when booking online [like in many other theaters]
You can book tickets through their website – Inoxmovies or via sms as well. They also had the facility to block tickets via SMS, by sending the name of the movie, date and show timing preferred to ‘575757’.. Not sure if this still exists. 

The last time I was here, my friend misplaced the tickets and so we went back to the counter to check if they will reissue tickets when we were told to simply show the message on our mobile and enter. Hmm,makes me wonder why they don’t make it a standard practice! save paper, save time and saves people from standing in line amidst the other who are there for current bookings.

What I dont like about this theater?

  • If you buy a bottle of water at the store outside, you cannot take it inside
  • They frisk you and your bag, and remove items like chewing gum 
  • Cameras are not allowed inside.. what am I going to do? record the movie and sell it? d’oh! 
  • They have currently changed the exit route, and it is quite a task climbing down those stairs[esp for the elderly]
What is amazing about Inox?
  • For 3D movies, they issue 3D glasses on a refundable deposit of Rs50 each
  • The loos are clean and cafeteria has quite a range of options for the movie goers- pop corn, cotton candy, ice cream, brownie, potato wedges, pizza, nachos, sandwiches, samosa, rolls, drinks, coffee and even freshly boiled corn. 
Happy movie watching!! 
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