If you were to ask me- What is that one thing which when done you would say “ah that was what relishing the challenge was all about”?, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid before answering. For as long as I can remember, there has been just one wish in my mind. One daredevil act that I want to do before I bid adieu to this beautiful world. One that I have seen being done a million trillion times by others, on TV, in movies and reality shows. 

I want to go to New Zealand. No, that is not the challenge. I want to go to New Zealand and do Bungee jumping. Yes. 

Sounds crazy? Hell no! I have no idea when this desire crept into my soul, but it has been slowly eating its way within me and is now ready to come out bursting like a volcano. Incidentally I have a dear friend in New Zealand who has done this act once, a few years ago. I recall having a conversation with her about how i long to visit her country for this very purpose. She keeps pulling my leg saying “you don’t want to come here to spend time with me, you only want to come here so you can complete your wish?”

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Will it happen? I don’t know

When will it happen? I got no idea

Why no skydiving? I might do that as well 
Aren’t you afraid of heights? Nope

Why do I want to do this? I cant really put a finger on it, but probably just to feel the rush and do it in a place where it is most famous.

What if I die during the act? Well, so be it.. at least I gave it a shot 🙂

No matter what anybody says or does, this is a wish that will always linger on in my mind. It holds the Numero Uno spot in my Bucket list [yes, I do have one] and shall be ticked off before I complete the journey called Life!!

Wish me luck!! oh and if you want to send me flight tickets, or contribute to the “aarti wants to go bungee jumping fund, please do” 😀 
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