This post is not about strangers strangers, it is about familiar faces who are strangers! 
No, I am not referring to friends who have become strangers, am talking about faces we have seen or met, but who are strangers.
We know them, but dont really know them
We see them 1st time, but the 2nd time we have no clues who they are
Experienced this? If your answer is NO, then just pretend am not looney and read on… 
On Sunday, was at a book store with friends when I was browsing through a shelf of books when I look up and see this short woman staring at me [no am not judging her for being short, but mentioned her height to make a point]. She was staring at me intently and the minute I looked up, she shuffled and then said “Aarti right? hi, how are you doing? Remember, we met outside H&G?”.. The only reason I would have gone to H &G would be to pick up friend’s son. So, I instantly asked her if she was my friend’s friend. She nodded awkwardly and then mentioned another mutual friend who she knows and with that walked away. 
I was left standing there lost. I had no clues who this lady was. I don’t even remember seeing her before. Or had I conveniently forgotten? Pushing this moment aside, I wandered around the store checking out some of the deals posted. 
No sooner did I go around the corner did I hear a voice “Mommy, this is so awesome, I would have buyed it, isnt it pretty mommy”. I turned to see a little girl in a cute girl salwar talking animatedly about a doll set. Her mom smartly took her hand, distracted her and was ready to walk away when she saw me and gushed. Hi Aarti, how are you doing? I smiled and said Hi hello. I chit chatted with the kid about her love for Barbies and the lady said “she likes them, but I dont” and said bye and walked away… This face I knew, except for the life of me, I couldnt remember her name 🙁 I dint know where I had seen her, or how I know her, or how she knows my name.. sigh… 
These are not just stray incidents, such moments happen to me oh so often that I have given up self- analyzing  or wondering beyond the moment. Friends make fun saying I know way too many people, or that I am being stalked everywhere I go. Infact, it has become a joke if we go out “so, let us wait and see how long it takes before someone comes over to say hi to you”…. 
any such instances? do share. please put me out of the misery of feeling like a looney bin.. lol.. 
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