Looks like am going in reverse order! We were there in Jaipur for just another day and that Monday morning we decided to visit The Albert Hall Museum 1st before heading over to the shopping arena.
Hailed an auto near the hotel we stayed at and made our way past the Statue circle. Also known as Central Museum, this monument is located in the Ram Niwas Garden. The auto went all the way around the building and dropped us off near the entrance. There are so many pigeons outside here, and quite a few people feeding them as well. Infact, the garden around seems to be quite popular. We saw throngs of people day or night, some as couples and others with children in tow. We wondered if the people here had nothing to do…

Anyways, I digress, sorry! The Ram Niwas Garden is located outside the city wall, and there is a huge gate that takes you to Hawa Mahal and all other places in this town. It was interesting to learn that the Albert Hall is the oldest museum in Jaipur. It was erected by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II  in 1868 when King Edward the Prince of Wales came to India. Maharaja Ram Singh actually wanted this building to be a “town hall” but his successor  had other plans and converted it into the museum it is today, a building showcasing the art of Jaipur.

Albert hall consist of Indo saracenic type of architecture and is designed same as the Victoria and Albert museum which is located in London. The building and the assortment beholds the beauty of the sight along with the pillars. The courtyards and the arches of the museum are worth seeing. This Albert museum was created in the 19th century

This museum is today home to about 19,000 historic objects, including interesting pieces made from metal, ivory, lacquer, pieces of jewelry,  pottery carved wooden objects, textiles, arms, weapons, clay models , sculptures, tribal costumes,  oil and miniature paintings, ceramics, musical instruments, clocks and so much more…  

Just as we entered the hall, it started to drizzle [that is the most amazing unpredictable thing about Jaipur- the weather].. We must have spent about an hour here, wandering through the floors, feasting on all the lovely pieces. There was an Egyptian mummy case as well in a glass box, and some life size sculptures too. We also noticed the place was filled with pigeons, that had practically made the minarets their home. Near the entrance gates on the road you will find a gazillion of these birds, and people come just to feed them. They are literally all over.  

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