Days flew by
So did Months
And now it has been 6 months since I moved out to live on my own!
[err, for those who did not know about this, read this earlier post N for New Address]
[The bell, the butterfly chime and fishy hanging in the balcony]

I must say it has been a good journey so far. The days have all been good, life has been kind and as always I have enough good souls around me to keep me feeling HIGH. Have learnt the ropes of living alone, comfortable doing housework, managing time and dealing with irate courier guys and postman.

Waking up early, going about my routine, doing different things, enjoying every moment of the day as always… well, except for the waking up early [early was 6.45-7.30 am while now it is 6.10-6.15 daily] 

The chores around the house done feel daunting, nor am I sighing at the pile of laundry or thought of sweeping/mopping. I cook breakfast, lunch/dinner depending on what the plans for the day are. There are people who have been gaping at the mention of “cooking”, “mopping” and actually asked me “oh, so you cook? do you cook for a few days together? and I reply “nope, I cook on a day to day basis” their eyes widen like they are going into some kind of weird shock… 
[And finally I have a clock up on the wall.. this was a birthday gift from another dear darling friend]

Was always good at managing money, now I plan out for the expenses, pay bills on time and don’t slack [not that I ever did]… Every day I discover new aspects of living on your own, and so far havent been overwhelmed or shocked [thanks to friends and my sharp observation skills] 🙂 

Love the space, love the freedom and the fact that I have a place to call “home” above all.  Slowly adding a few personal touches to the space and loving it. 

Have had a few friends over, and then there are others who frequent whenever they pass by this locality… Hosted a surprise birthday bash for a few friends as well.. what a hoot that was!
[put up a string and hung a few postcards I have received via postcrossing and the light was a gift from a dear friend]

I would also like to think this home is lucky, I have done 3 good trips [1 on my own and 2 with friends-yet another 1st since I havent travelled with these before].. On the professional front, got the opportunity to meet some interesting people and hopefully will explore a few exciting projects with the dawn of 2014… 

Mom & gramma keep asking “are you doing OK? have enough money? happy?” and when I reply in affirmative, they are surprised I guess.. Maybe they thought/think I will come back home with my tail tucked between my legs.. Well, they dont really know me if they are thinking that!! 

Here’s to more good times!! 

Come over sometime, but first please do call or message to confirm am home ;o)
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