There I was, sitting in my favorite seat, eyes shining bright and glued to the window.. When we were checking in, my friend wanted an aisle seat, preferably in the 1st few rows, but I wanted a window seat which was available only beyond the 30th row. He gave me a look that said “really?” but I persisted and we finally got our seats done, 34th row. I got my window and he got his aisle..hehe… It was going to be a nice long 2hour 45min flight from Chennai to Delhi. And then we had about half hour in the flight before we resumed our next leg of the journey to Punjab, the land of the Golden temple… 
And the reason I wanted a window seat was just so I could stare out the window at the changing colours of the sky. I have shared few pictures before, but I know I shall never run out of them.. 🙂
Here are the various hues and the drama that the skies put on for us during our flight… 

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