Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing understanding set of friends who have been my rock, pillar and much more..  They are always there, to pat me on my back, slap me, knock some sense when am upset or hold me when I crumble.. 

Rewind….Happy new year 2013 — I welcomed 2013 from a friend’s house, an evening that had me visiting quite a few friends, some of who were visiting from abroad. We celebrated a friend’s niece’s birthday with pani puri and bhel puri, cake and ice cream. We stayed up late into the night wishing others, and chatting away, sharing our plans for the year that came therein…. We knew 2013 was going to be good.. Now when I look back, it was a mixed bag of a year [I guess every year is the same] 🙂

Dealing with those who
have passed on — 
brought with it painful memories.. My aunt had passed away in April 2 yrs ago
and we were still reeling from it.. An uncle who wandered aimlessly, not being
able to deal with living alone in a home he had shared with his wife for nearly
30 years… We all feel so helpless and lost, we miss her terribly as well..
There were many others who passed away this year, some after years of suffering
and some with none… 

Movies: This is the year that I started watching Malayalam movies. All
thanks to the new group of friends, I was introduced some of the finest movies-
Ustad Hotel, Amen, 5 sundarikal, Arikil oraal to name a few. I have watched in
all nearly 12-14 movies and do believe in this a state that make some brilliant
movies! The latest being Drishyam [which was absolutely brilliant]. I have also received quite a few recommendation fom friend and the movie group am part of.

Apart from this, 2013 was when I actually managed to do justice to the International Film fest that happened in the city in Dec. Not only did I register, get a pass, but ended up watching about 14movies! not bad for 6days 😀 And what is more, this got me featured in a newspaper article on Art Appreciation [read article here]

Taking the leap: After all the years of ranting and venting out, I finally did it in 2013. I took the leap and flew forward landing safe on the ground. I moved out of my grandparents house and into a rented apartment. I had been on the hunt for nearly a year, but I guess some things are meant to happen when they do. My BFF was moving to Bombay and that is when I decided “I am gonna ask her and move into her apartment”. I did just that and lo behold, it has been 7months as on date! Yayy for me 🙂 I am now so much more at peace [with myself and the world]. The joy of having your own space is so liberating. It is not just about the physical space, it is the emotional & mental space.. Did take my family a while to grapple with this reality and now they are ok [either have accepted or made peace with my decision].. I miss Floppy the most, do spend lotsa time with him everytime I head to Chetpet. I am loving this phase, where I have friends visiting, some randomly dropping by, some coming over to vent, and some who use my home as their “space” when they need to get out.. 

Travel : I dint travel too much in 2013, but I did do a few good memorable trips. Starting with the one to Kochi to surprise my friend for her birthday, Jaipur with a friend and then ofcourse the cherry on the cake was Amritsar with friends.. Am hoping this year is better, well I have managed to getaway every weekend so far and have plans for the next 2 as well and then some more. There are a few destinations that have been on my list way too long [am going to make them happen in 2014]  

Reading: I read nearly 84 books [ if not more] in 2013. And this year I am hoping for a lot more, especially since I have received quite a few books from friends and publishing houses. So far, I have completed 7 books 🙂 

Health: It is slow but I can see progress and this keeps me going! Since am doing the cooking, I know what am eating and it helps 🙂 

Here’s to a great 2014 for me and all of you!! 
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