A little beep on my phone where it all began! A friend asked “How about we all go for a drive and a nice lunch on 12th jan, sunday?”  After a few debates on where else we can visit along the way, things we could do, time we leave the city it was decided! At 8.30 we were on our way to pick up 2 friends from Thiruvanmiyur and were on the ECR…  

After a leisurely stroll around Dakshin Chitra, we arrived at Radisson Temple Bay, Mahabalipuram and decided to dine at The Wharf, facing the ocean [only because the other 2 restaurants had only buffet and we dint think we could do justice to that] . Our table was just a few yards from the ocean, we could hear the waves and feel the breeze. Only thing left was to run to the water and have some fun!! 

The blue waters were chill and just perfect. We spent about half an hour soaking, laughing, taking pictures and having a great time when it dawned on us that we would have to leave, bid it all adieu!! 
But, we were not ready to say Bye yet! We went ahead, washed ourselves, dusted off as much sand as possible and sat near on the stone wall for a while, enjoying the silence and beauty of the place.

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