A restaurant I love visiting
Heck, my entire family loves this place
Serving up some yummy Italian Pure veg dishes
They serve the most amazing Asparagus Risotto and lime cheese

Enough or need more hints? Am talking about Darios in
Kasturi Rangan Road.   I knew most of the staff, the Chef and the man
who ran the place. So it was a place I was very comfortable and familiar in.

After a quick chat with Suresh, I
learnt they are now in their 2nd year of operation and so far have
been doing good. He was telling us there are days when they don’t expect a
major crowd but were in for a surprise with the place packed to the brim. Apart
from the indoor air conditioned seating area, they have quite a large space outdoors
as well. He went on to tell us they have hosted a party of 100 people, where
the meal was completely a la carte. “I don’t believe in Buffet- food isn’t hot
and doesn’t do justice in terms of flavour, so we always take order cook and
serve”. Impressive! They have a small hall upstairs that can hold about 30-40
people, which is where they he
ld/hold their workshops.  When talking about their kitchen and staff, Suresh stressed how valuable his core team is and they have been together for about 7yrs now, and were reliable & loyal, while he has had quite a few issues with the waiting staff.

Oh and one interesting fact we
discovered was that in Pune, there was a Darios outlet that served non veg. 
when Suresh was asked if they might include non veg into the menu, he
vehemently said “NO, we are established as a pure veg joint and that is how we
shall remain”. Way to go, I say!

Tonight he said I should try some
of the new dishes, new soup, pizza[Oh and they have whole wheat pizza on the
menu] and few other dishes.

The evening opened with a
beautiful rich soup- Erba Cipollina [made with leeks, onions and potato], it
was thick and filled with flavours. Following this came 3 different starters-
Brichitto Messicano [Mexican nachos with cheese sauce], Fungi Darios [Mushrooms
stuffed with garlic basil and cheese] and then there was Involtini Sanginiani
[crispy spinach rolls filled with rice, sun dried tomato, bell peppers] served
with a spinach & cheese sauce.

We devoured these dishes, wiping
the plats clean when there came the Salad- Aranciazola [a mix of salad leaves
including Rocket, fresh orange, spring onions, gorgonzola cheese, fresh herbs
and olives]. It was lovely and refreshing, with quite a few different textures
as well. A salad I wouldn’t mind having daily.
While we discussed the Mona Lisa
on the walls and the fun we had at the workshops, we saw a huge plate with a
thin crust pizza on it land on our table- Pesto Pizza [ thin crust base with
pesto sauce topped with bell peppers, potato, sun dried tomato and parmesan
shavings]. It was borderline bland, but I liked it, cos the pesto was the King
of that pizza. We eagerly waited for the pasta- there was the Ravioli Zarba [ravioli
stuffed with potato, cheese and olives served in a rich cheese, colour peppers,
walnut sauce] , the showstopper of the evening and the Spaghetti Crastusi [
whole wheat spaghetti with spicy olives, broccoli and mushroom in a creamy
tomato sauce], the spicy olives were a surprise, I hadn’t had these before and
the Chef brought us a few to see – these were giant olives stuffed with red
chillies and packed quite a punch… Wow, what flavours!! Kawobanga…

And then came the piece de
resistence… We were served 2 desserts- Blueberry cheese cake[ yummilicious] and
the Tiramisu [yumm as always]. What a meal, love the fact that the quality,
taste and flavours are exactly the same every single time!

Apart from these, their usual
dishes continue to remain on the menu!! If you are looking for a restaurant
that serves Pure veg, Italian food, this is where you should head eyes closed.

Dario’s Address:
#11, Kasturi Rangan Road,
2nd Street,
Chennai- 600018
Ph:             044-4919 3333      

URL: http://www.darios.in [you can not only read about the restaurant, but also see the detailed menu]

Landmark: Next to Ashwini Hospital [1st right after the Russian Cultural Centre]

The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember that restaurants and eat outs sometimes change with time, so does their food and service. So, kindly consider these factors while visiting the places. Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂
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