Hmmm, there are things that have you thinking little more than usual. This is one such tag, everyday I have had to think think and pen down the post for the day. Once again, I go off to do the same for today’s theme.. 

1. An & Ni – These are two girls who mean the world and some more.. They have known me for a while now and kinda sense what am going through… Have heard me out, been there for me, given me a kick when i needed one and let me be as well.. I lean on them, turn to them, whine/complain/rejoice/celebrate with them 1st before the rest of the world gets to know…. Love them both to bits, their families, kids as well 🙂  And to be honest, Ar is also nearly there- love you girl!! 🙂  

2. AB- Well, we may not be in touch as much as before, we barely even talk to each other anymore, outside of the one off “hi hello” but you will also mean so much to me and my life. Lessons learnt, moments shared, and well everything else you & I know!! 😀 

3. Boss and now Floppy- Both my dogs, they mean the world to me- for teaching me the value of love, for being there always. Boss- miss you girl, you were so quiet and just lay there while I ranted and complained… Floppy- love you mister, you are the hottest happening man in my life now and you teach me everday how to love unconditionally, I see you once, maybe twice a week for a few hours, but you are so forgiving and always ready to show me how much you love, and wait for me to walk in through the gate to start complaining.. i miss you every second am away from you baby.. 

4. Me- Yes, i mean a lot to me. Every day I wake up thankful for all that I have done in life and look forward to an exciting day ahead. I learnt early on that I am and will always be the most important person in my life!! 

5.  Other Friends & Family – There are a few who have quite a difference to my life, there are moments with them that makes them special and some mean a lot for just being themselves..

Until tomorrow… 

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