Love the fact the number of things decrease with each passing day!! I like whoever it is who came up with this tag.. Here is the 7th day’s tag- Four turn offs…

1. Am so done with people who are negative all the time
I know of quite a few, all they do is complain or crib or whine and this is done round the clock!! I realised the more am around them, the more it brings me down and so I had to take a stance and draw the line!!

2. Respect me or else you know where the door is! This is the policy I follow.  Where do people get off taking you for granted, not respecting you and showing even the tiniest bit of appreciation. This applies to both men and women, friends and family!! Similarly, I stay away from people who do not Respect women- they are the worst kind…

3. Adjust when required. You cannot be rigid and refuse to budge,
even if it means I am going out of my way to do something or get something done for you! There are a few who just dont care, they stay glued and refuse to budge, just dont understand or accommodate. 

4. And the last one belongs to the category of people who are all about “taking”. It could be things, money, books, jewellery or bigger things such as time, energy, efforts and then just dont care after! You are
left feeling “used”..

See you on the other side of today~!!

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