You dont ask if I am busy
You dont ask if I have other plans
You just assume am gonna drop all I am doing/planned and come over
You dont think twice before lashing out orders
You dont think twice before revealing your true feeling
You make me feel invisible.

There are times when all I want is a kind word
or maybe a smile

There are times when I cry to myself to sleep
and wake up with 
tears rolling down my cheeks
I know you dont even care… 
You dont seem to understand
You dont seem to care
You dont get the concept of feelings
nor the concept of space
And I remain invisible
You treat me as if I was on a leash
You treat me like am your slave
You cry and whine
You laugh and chatter away
Yet I remain invisible
People say it is alright
It is only you
I am to forgive
and you do all this for you love
People say if not with you
who else can she act this way
Not done- I tell them
Not fair- to me! 
Put them in my shoes
and let us see
How they fare, or what they say!! 
The feeling of being invisible.
Painful way to live..
I turn to my friends
They are my only solace
You hate them as well
You care not that they care about me
To them, I am not invisible.
Every time the phone rings
Every time I hear your voice
I wonder what next you have
for me to fulfill 
I bend over backwards
I put you as priority
Yet, you thrash away with those words
I wish I was invisible 
I wish I wasn’t here…~!!! 
(c) Aarti 24th March 2014 
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