As you walk down the lobby, along
the curved path you see the textured wall with two words on it, rather three
words- Dot Yum and next to it is Estia. I wondered what those words meant when
Chef Ashok greeted me and welcomed me inside the restaurant. It was a two in
one restaurant of sorts, two different cuisines, two different décor, but both
under one roof.  This was the 1st
time I was seeing such a concept, and I was quite intrigued.
The Chef went on to explain how
Estia is their Greek restaurant, where they served up some amazing Lebanese
dishes, while Dot Yum was where they had the buffet for lunch and dinner, and
the weekend brunch as well. They also served alcohol along with the meals, for
those who request! And for those who wanted to create a combo meal with Beer
included, they could go for the Beer & buffet dinner for Rs1000+tax or for
the others, there is the Soft drink + buffet dinner at Rs900+tax. Else, if you
are just there for a good meal, then the Dinner buffet is Rs850+tax.

 The buffet lunch at Dot Yum on
weekdays is priced at Rs850+tax while on Sunday’s the brunch was priced at
Rs600+tax, which is quite the value for money, considering the spread they
Since it is a 24 hour restaurant,
they also had a different menu for the afternoon- Sandwich/pizza/burger with milkshake
priced at Rs550+tax [4-7pm].

Since the hotel is located on
OMR, it is also a good drive from the city. If you are in the mood for
something different, and maybe away from the city, you should head here for a
Lunch or Dinner on a Saturday, enjoy a relaxed meal [priced very nominally at
Rs550+tax] and unwind at their Wxyz bar in the evening before heading back on
the road home. Saturdays is when they have a DJ night as well. And through the
week Happy hours is between 11am to 8pm, how cool is that? You buy a drink, and
get the next one free~!!
Apart from these, you also have a
banquet hall where you can host parties of all kinds- birthdays to conferences
to wedding receptions. Infact, now they have come up with a new concept for
this space- “Your rate Our menu”. For those who have a budget of say Rs499 per
head, you simply tell the chef this budget and they will create a menu within
that budget [but mind you, it will be pure veg], if you need non veg, the price
goes up a notch and beyond [depending on what non veg items you are looking
So, next time you are in the mood
for something different, you know where to head….

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