When I touched base with a friend asking her for inputs on Srilanka, where to go what to do etc, she shared her thoughts and inputs! The day I was travelling, she shared in our group – “Do have a King Coconut for me aaroo”.. I did not know what this King coconut was, but knew it had to be something edible/drinkable. Forgot about it until our driver brought it up one day when we were on the road to Yala and it was freaking hot outside. We were gulping down water, and were parched. He asked us “you want to have King Coconut?”. Both of us nodded and asked him what  it was. He pointed to one of the many shacks along the road that had these huge orange colour coconuts hanging on them and said that was it. Umm, back home we call that Coconut and Tender Coconut [ elaneer], but the coconuts are usually green in colour. They become orange, we throw them out thinking they are dry. 

But here in Sri Lanka, it is their pride and joy, the King Coconut. I then told him about our tender coconuts and he laughed “you have in India also?” This convo went on, references to food and fruits, almost to a point of competition between the two countries..hehe.. 

So, anyways, he stopped at a shack, and we each one King Coconut each. It was quite good, fresh and sweet water. The lady manning the shack, also cut it open and gave us a little sliver to scoop out the tender coconut flesh from inside. Umm, made me think about how back home the guy would actually scoop the whole thing out and give the sliver to be used like a spoon[ yes we are spoilt indeed].. Each costed 50LKR but was well worth it as they had nearly half a liter water inside them. 
There was music coming from somewhere behind the shack, and the lady pointed to the small house few yards away and said that was her house.  She also sold other fruits and bottled fresh honey… 

As we left the place and got back to the Air conditioned car, I wondered how much money she made in a day, esp since there was not much traffic on the road and it was mega hot.

When you are travelling around Sri Lanka, you will see these all over, and I am not exaggerating!! 
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