Just as us Chennaites know that come December it is time for the Carnatic concerts, come June I know it is time for ET WOW.. What is ET WOW you ask? Tsk Tsk, what a question!! It is the coolest event to hit Chennai every year and a must watch!
The Extra Terrestrials as they are called are a set of acts put together by Show Space, they hand pick 8-9 acts out of 50-60 they sift through. These selected acts are brought down to the country and they perform across cities wowing audiences.. 
I have attended this show every year and it has been one amazing experience always!! More than me, my mom loves it. So this year, she saw the ad in the paper 10days ago and had begun asking me when I was taking her for it.. So, last week Friday was when the show launched in chennai after touring coimbatore. I took her along with my uncle and 9yr old cousin for the show. 
All of 75 mins, the event features 9 all new acts from 6 different international countries .. The evening opens with a man and a woman defying gravity using nothing but a pole, and then come the others, each of who dazzle you with their amazing talents …. 
For all the FIFA fans, there is a slice of FIFA in Chennai courtesy Zhora, the crazy goalkeeper who not only stands on a giant football but also juggles multiple smaller ones.. He is just WOW.. But then I could go on and on about each of the other acts, for each one is unique and amazing in its own unique way!! 
The other acts are, Duo Valeri- 2 men who use 2 straps and go high up in the air, Duo Brise- a couple who perform hand stands like none you have seen before. And audiences get quite a few rib tickling comedy with the Roll on Comedy act, the fat man who becomes a hunk by the end of his act.. lol.. 
If you thought you have seen it all, wait till Wang fei gets on stage and twirls em umbrellas and then a few mats… Sleek, graceful and chic.. she is all of 26yrs of age..
Wait, there is more.. The extravagant beam also called the Russian Bar  – an act performed by 3 guys, where one of them flies high in air while the other two hold the bar between their shoulders. Phew!! Hold your breath, hold on to your seats while Vik and Fabrini leave you speechless with their Illusion act- the man and the dummy and some magic.. buhahaha…
The grand finale is reserved for this high energy duo who juggle pins, who come in wearing suits and end up exhcanging their suits while juggling- they are Strahelman & Sohne, the Trial Room Jugglers… Yes, you read it right… Cant believe what you are reading? Well, go watch them live to see what am talking about!! 😀
I also got the chance to spend time with them outside the show and they are all so chilled out and sweet.. most of them are in Chennai for the 1st time and say they love it here, “the food is good [ not the usual oh it is so spicy] and people are warm”, they say! 😀

If you havent caught them live, time to go book your tickets on wowet.in and go attend the show.. They perform in Chennai from 27-29th June and then head over to bangalore to perform at Phoenix Market city [ special air conditioned marquee] on 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th July!! 

Promo video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZSTjNCrVOs

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