The city has quite a few vegetarian hotels and eat outs, but there are not many places that offer both veg & non veg is served where the veg fare is quite good. Invariably the non veg dishes get rave reviews and us vegetarians are left staring into a bowl with a paneer gravy or starter. So, when I heard about Sar V Sri and their food, I was curious. 

Couple of days back, was invited to sample their veg fare and gladly went along. The food arrived in a big box and was hot an hour later as well. There were neatly packaged boxes of gravy, sambar rice and foil wrapped rotis of different kinds- tandoor roti, plain parantha and aloo parantha as well. 

Apart from this there was a container of Raita and not to forget the yummm Gulab jamuns. 

The bunch of us sat in the sofa and chairs, holding on to plates and tissues wiping the plate clean. The 1st thing I tried was the samosa, which were nearly oil free and quite good, had a large amount of filling as well. Subsequently, I also sampled the sambar rice with raita and it was quite good- the rice had a strong cinnamon tone which I loved. It was a tad spicy, but the raita was perfect combo. I am not someone who enjoys spicy food but this was good. 

We noticed the foil wrapped package inside the box and took out one aloo parantha and a spoonful of Dal makhani and Aloo side dish. They were all good, but again many of us felt the Dal was quite spicy. I was glad it wasnt overloaded with cream like it normally is. The other side dish was paneer gravy, the gravy was good, but the paneer was tad dry and chewy. 

We were all eagerly waiting for the box of gulab jamuns to be opened. Shamelessly, we grabbed a spoon and passed the box around and happily dug into it. It was literally melt in your mouth divine!! 

They have quite a few combo options and the portion sizes are fairly large. Apart from North India, they also offer few Chinese dishes in their menu. So, when you are inviting friends over or planning a dinner, you should order from these guys!! What is more, they are very reasonably priced.

Phone: +91 7373 177444
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