Woah, you are 375 years old today..
No No, you are 375 years young today….
Happpy birthday to the only city I call home… 

I knew you back when you were called Madras
I spent quite a few days here 
Holidays, so memorable
Visits to the Marina beach
Playing in the water, digging into vadai and sundal
Ice cream at Snowfield

And then time flew
you changed, but not too much
I still looked forward to my holidays here
Checking out new restaurants.
Biting into that 1st pizza at Cakes n Bakes
Japoise cake and brown bread that granpa used to bring home
from McRennett
Gulping down bottles of Gold Spot, Rush and
Enjoying the pop of the Coke cans
from Burma Bazaar 

And then we moved cities
I was left in your arms for a good 2 months
Did not like it much, 
for I was just a child…
And then a decade later, I was back here
Calling Madras “home”. 

Walking through the crowded lanes of Flower Bazaar
Shopping for little trinkets along the narrow alley in Sowcarpet
Laughing with friends while we downed pani puri in Pursaiwalkam
Visiting Mahabalipuram as part of school day trip..
And exploring the Egmore museum with uncle and cousin

You sure have a lot to offer, Madras
The locals and visitors will never tire..

The hot bhajji and tea in the roadside tea shop
Checking out gold bangle designs at GRT in Ranganathan Street
Waiting patiently while mom and gramma did saree shopping at Nalli
Looking forward to catching up with friends at Hot breads after college with friends
You sure have come far!!

Whenever someone new comes to the city
they ask me “so, what is your city all about?”
I stare at them as if they are stupid and then  go on to list…
The plays at Alliance Francaise
Concerts at Venkata subbarao hall in Lady andal school
and then there are all those food festivals at one of the many restaurants in the city
The Mylapore food walks and festival
The Dastkar and Aarti Bagdy shows 
We sure have it all

Today, she is called Chennai, but to me
she is always Madras
the 10 Downing street, the Pasha, the Bikes & Barrel
the Darios, the L’amandier, the Brew room
The murukku chaat, the bonda+chutney and hot jalebis
the kancheepuram saree, the fancy lehengas and swanky jeans
the Fort St George, the Theosophical society, the Art Houz
the Churches, temples, mosque and the beaches
the IT parks, the IIT, and the Vandalur zoo… 
sema supera illa mama?!!

Happy Birthday Madras……… 
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