It is the weekend and the last
thing you want to do is be up early and make an elaborate breakfast for the
family. The sense of freedom that comes with having a relaxed morning is a
treat that many yearn for and some cherish. 
Heading out for a brunch is the best thing you can do on the Sunday. Just
have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, maybe a fruit, get dressed and make
your way to Hyatt Regency towards Spice Haat around 12.30 would be perfect.
Today nearly all restaurants are
offering the weekend brunch, but in most places it is a limited menu and within
a set time span. Here however, the brunch is super large and there is no
closing time, so you can relax and have a lazy brunch with your family/friends. 
What is more, if you are heading
out with your little ones, there is an exclusive section for the tiny tots-
complete with TV, Games, a counter with mini bite sized eats, including a mini
pizza and some cool sweet treats as well. They have someone in charge who will
keep an eye on the kids while you have a fun brunch in the main restaurant. 
The first thing I saw as I
stepped into Spice Haat was the eclectic art pieces, it was all along the theme
of spices, but there were a few of people, mixing the modern with conventional
and more.. There were quite a few huge tiffin carriers around, a few art pieces
of people sitting atop trunk boxes, one man holding a mouse in the shape off
the world connected to a keyboard, another holding a full bunch of bananas and
many more.
The place is quite huge, and
there is plenty of seating, and there is a small outdoor area as well, where
smoking is allowed and would be good to be there when the weather is pleasant.
The only thing about the place was it was quite warm, while we walked around,
we did see a few air coolers but overall the air conditioning wasn’t all that powerful. 
The buffet is divided based on
the cuisine and it is scattered all through the place, the last being desserts.
Right in the center is the bar where you can get everything from fruit
mocktails to beer to other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. And then
there is a giant pillar that has quite a few artsy utensils- coconut scrapper,
ammi kal [where traditionally spice paste was ground], rolling pin and few
others as well.



The brunch opened with Lime-mint
mojita to start the meal, this was a well made drink. However, the smoothies
were quite disappointing. They were diluted and not really smoothies.  The veg starters were alright- veg hara bara
kebab and paneer
As for the buffet, I loved the
dishes in the Moroccan section the best of them all. The Pastilla was amazing,
with a thick base and packed with veggies, it was yumm. The pleasant surprise
was when a lady walked around the hall with a tray of Chaat items. The bhel
puri was quite good and some of the salads were good [ filled with flavour] –
beetroot feta salad was my favorite. And then there were the live counters-
aappam + stew, kuthu parotta, Chinese dimsum/momos & noodles and then there was
the sushi counter as well. Apart from these, there was the Italian pasta
counter and a dedicated counter for heart healthy dishes. I am a fan of sushi
and enjoyed the veg sushi with wasabi+soya sauce.
From the elaborate dessert
section, I picked out a pie with strawberries and figs, but it was more of a
shortbread cookie with fruits on top. I did like the meringue drops and the
Coffee with Kahlua that I ordered. Friend who wanted to try the same, but
colder version got an interesting drink- espresso, lime juice, sugar syrup and
vodka- it was good.. really good and we were happy buzzing by the time we left
the place.
The menu keeps changing, so guests
are always in for something new every time they visit. The place opens at 12.30
and you can lounge about for as long as you desire!
If you choose brunch with alcohol,
it is priced around Rs2568 [incl tax] and it is about Rs2245 [non alcohol
Hyatt Regency
350, Anna Salai, Axis Bank, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 

The reviews posted on this blog are
based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my
views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂

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