It was like the Heavens knew I was off for a special evening. It started to pour the minute I walked out of home all the way till I ran into the Lobby at Park Hyatt. I was there to experience the Timescity gourmet week menu at The Flying Elephant. About a week ago was when I was here for a lunch at The Dining room, where I quite enjoyed the food. And so, I was quite looking forward to exploring the dishes at The Flying Elephant. 

Spread across not one or two, but seven levels, it is probably one of a kind in the city of Chennai.  I was told that The Flying Elephant has been designed by the renowned international designer George Wong and features five live kitchens across Indian, Teppan, Turkish, Western & Southeast Asian as well. The cuisines served here spanned across the Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, North Indian, Italian & Western cuisine.It was quite amazing just listening to these tales about the place, and what is more, customers can order from any of the live kitchens [irrespective of where you were seated] 

I was shown to a table on the 1st floor, the walls had beautiful oriental red wallpaper with a bit of shimmer in them. I also noticed a few funky wigs and four blocks that had #WTFS on them. I gave into my curiosity and enquired what it stood for, well what do you know- it stood for “Where the fun Starts” and all the staff wore a pin on their shirts that was colorful and had the hashtag on it. Cool concept! 

Alright, it was time to get down to business. The menu is a Times Gourmet Week special menu, resembling a set menu that comprised of soup, salad/starter, main and dessert which was served along with soft drinks for the price of Rs2000 per pax [excl tax]. 

Since am a vegetarian and my friend was a non veg, it worked out perfect. The soup I got was Cauliflower Soup served alongside a crispy crostini topped with some blue cheese. The soup was beautiful, it sang in my mouth and the flavours were clean. I also loved the strong pungent taste of that blue cheese. Friend enjoyed his non veg soup- a version of Tom Yum soup with prawns in it [ it was spicy but looked like he loved it]. 
The music was perfect, I could hear Michael Jackson., Roxette and all the others from the 80s wafting in the air keeping us company. And the place was fairly quiet, no screaming, not noise, it was like a well oiled machine. And while our starters were making their way to the table, I noticed the staff suddenly stop and start dancing to Gangnam style. 🙂 
For starters, I got the cold Mezze platter [crispy pita bread with a variety of dips] while my friend got seared Tuna on a bed of Raw papaya salad[ the salad was sinful, spicy, tangy, sweet and heavenly]. While waiting for the main course to arrive, I noticed a small private dining area in the floor above ours, like a circular room.  Each floor had a different decor, seating and lighting. It was quite unique! Right next to our table was the rustic wooden elevator,with black panels and thick doors. 

looked at my watch and noticed it was 10ish, and I could still hear the
pitter patter of rain outside the window as the staff served us the
main dishes. Mine was Asparagus risotto and friend got Lamb dish. The
risotto was good, but was cold and so the rice had become tad chewy [ it
also felt a little undercooked], but
nevertheless I polished my plate clean. 
My phone had begun ringing with cousins and friends calling to wish me “happy birthday” and as if on cue, the desserts arrived. There was the Flying Elephant signature Chocolate cake, a small shot of cold chocolate and the Strawberry Romanof in a tall glass. Surprisingly, the lights were turned off and the place became dark in minutes. We wound up and made our way down the stairs already dreaming of a repeat visit, if only to explore the various levels. 
This fest is on till 7th September!! Do check it out, experience The Flying Elephant in all its glory! 

Timing: Only for Dinner : 7:00pm – 11:00pm
39 Velachery Road,
Near Raj Bhavan,
Chennai 600 032
Tel: +91 44 7177 1234 | Fax: +91 44 7177 1235

For reservations, call 044 71771234….

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