It was my Birthday and was
planning lunch with the girls, and let them pick a place, which they did
without thinking twice- L’amandier. It has become our regular jaunt for coffee
and a bite, and so I was ok with the pick. 
By the time I made it, those two
were already there warming the seats. They had also gone ahead and ordered a
starter – mixed platter of Bruschetta [one
had tomato & cheese topping while the other had spinach & mushrooms]

and D had ordered a pasta for herself. After a quick Hi hello, me happily
receiving the gifts, we decided to order few more dishes as we were ravenous.
Wanting to try something new, I chose the Polenta cakes with Mushroom sauce and
ratatouille while R chose the Lasagna. Both the dishes were yummy, infact we
quite loved the polenta cake more than we thought we would. I loved the creamy
mushroom sauce and the tangy ratatouille. 


The Lasagna on the other hand was
good as well; it had a dollop of fresh pesto on top and was served with crisp
bread slices. And for dessert, the Eggless walnut brownie was chosen, which
came with a dollop of Ice cream. The brownie was alright, a surprise was when
friend bit into a piece of walnut shell…
The meal worked out to Rs1400 or
so, value for money indeed… This place continues to remain among my favorite restaurants
in the city!  I just wish they notched up their service a bit… 

#57, Chamiers Road, RA Puram, 


Landmark: Right next to Cream Center 

Ph: 044 42827882
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