I went from living with my parents, gramma and great grandma to living with my grandparents and now I live on my own.. Alone! 

Here are a few little lessons I have learnt over the past year since I moved out,

1. When the bills come, you donโ€™t get to put them away and forget about them-  When you are living at home with family, you don’t ever worry about bills, especially the EB, Water and land line bills. The only ones I ever paid were my own expenses, internet dongle and mobile bill. But now all the bills that land in my mailbox are meant for me and I need to pay them. Nobody cares if you are strapped for funds or why you have spent as much as you have.  

2. The food you buy is all yours, or not.. — If I have forgotten to buy groceries, then I have no food [ unless I decide to splurge and order in]. I buy bread or Dosa maavu, rava or semiya I can get by, else am left wondering what am gonna eat. And the best part is, I don’t have to worry about what I eat and when. If I choose to eat a salad for dinner, then that is all I will munch on, or I might go all out and make pongal -sambar for dinner. I have also started carrying over food [ when there is too much, and it is good food and cannot be wasted]. It is ok, I don’t mind!! I have had crackers and a glass of milk for dinner  

3. Oh, no, there is a pile of dirty dishes in the sink... Umm, it is all mine. I have learnt there is no magical maid who is going to walk in and clean them up. I cook, I clean! So, I tend to reuse vessels a lot more and wash up right after a meal/drink instead of leaving it sitting.  

4. My OCDs are mine- I have certain OCDs- I cannot leave a pen lying around, I cant have my slippers in messed up order, I pick a book from the shelf, I have to put it back before I hit the bed. I have a few other little quirks and I am free to do what I feel like when am home!! It is perfectly fine and nobody can comment/smirk at…

5. Living alone is not lonely or scary- Don’t know why most people assume living alone is scary or lonely. I disagree. I go to bed and sleep like a baby and perfectly happy being home alone. And the biggest quip of them all is there is a big big difference between being alone and being lonely. I have never been lonely. Even when i have no plans and am home, I have the TV on and watching a movie/show or the music is out aloud and am generally dancing.. There have been days when there was no power through the night and then other times when it was pouring like crazy with thunder just non stop. I plugged in my iPod and was  enjoying the rains from the balcony.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t heard any sounds or weird noises and am not the kind to get jumpy or freaked out. ๐Ÿ™‚  

6. Wear what you wanna or not… ;o) — That is the biggest fun part about living on your own. You dont have to worry about being dressed up all the time. You can wear what you want, or not [ don’t get ideas..].. You can wander about in a T-shirt and shorts or just a long T-shirt, or nothing at all …  But remember, if living alone and have houses around, better invest in curtains, wouldn’t want to give free shows to the world, right?   

7.It is incredibly liberating-  The first day I slept alone in my apartment and woke up to nothing but silence, it was sheer peace. I have friends who come over whenever they are in the area and then there have been times when I have hosted dinners/parties at home. I also love coming back home knowing nobody has meddled with my stuff or touched my things [ dint I mention with you I had a bunch of OCDs] . You can invite people home without thinking too much, you can decide to get off on a trip, you can bring home a stray pup and take care of it for a few days, stay over at a friend’s house cos it got late after the movie or she was scared to be alone…  The joy of not having to check with others, work around their schedules is just amazing!
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