There are these flavours that we grow up eating, which stick with us for life… Some of which remind us of the times we lived through and others of people who were a part of our lives. 
I woke up today morning and remembered the Sago Porridge I used to have for breakfast during that phase when mom was away in Chennai [during her last trimester] and my gramma used to do all the cooking[ what little she could manage]. We also had my great grandmother living with us and she used to have this porridge for breakfast, and I started having some and eventually fell in love with it. Today, I see sago porridge or payasam anywhere – I go back in time and smile… Not to forget I grab a bowl of it and savour every spoonful.
Another thing that I remember vividly that I am longing for is this vadam we used to have, my great grandmother called it “Chambekkai vadam” and it was used in Vendiya Kozhambu. I did not know what it was made with for a long time and then discovered it was made with Pumpkin. It has been years since I had it, but I think of it often and wonder if I should go looking for it or find someone who can make it for me! Great gramma was so good with her hands, she would make mor milagai, vathals and all sorts of things when she was sitting idle, or busy cleaning out cupboards or fidgeting with something or the other. Never a dull moment. And if I was around, she would tell me stories & shlokas related to food/eating/sleeping..
What are your fond/food memories?

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