Well, now that you have feasted on the photographs, do I need to tell you more? 🙂

I was at Absolute Barbecue on GN Chetty road. Of all the years of being in Chennai, I have come across quite a few restaurants that open up and are good. But this is probably the only restaurant that I see doing phenomenally well that every single person is raving about their experiences here. Not one or two, but more than just a handful have been recommending this place to anyone who asks for a place to go for lunch or dinner and then there are those talking about how difficult it is to get a table here and how one needs to book well in advance. 

Well, I have been here three times and every single time the experience has been memorable, food has been just as good and service is outstanding. Infant, the staff is constantly checking up on you, making sure things are to your liking, if you need anything else or giving you tips on what else you should try while there. 

The evening began with the grills being placed in the table, and then there were the skewers brought forth- some with non veg and others with veg. I am a veggie and so I got to taste their sinful paneer, potato, mushrooms, assortment of vegetables and then of course the coconut kebab and american potatoes which were all divine!! They also bring forward the freshly grilled pineapple that is cut in front of you and served hot- the pineapple with cinnamon is simply outstanding, i could eat just that and be a happy camper.. 

If you still have space after the starters, you should check out their Wish grill- it is a counter where you pick the veggies, noodles/rice, sauces and they cook it for you on the ginormous grill. There is also a pot of freshly steamed idiyappam served with one side dish [this works for both veg & non veg]. And if you have more space [you are probably Gadothgachan or his relative], you must have some plain rice with Daal makhani..

Wait, it doesn’t end there.. There is dessert counter to be attacked- cold stone ice cream, few dessert items and then there is the dessert of the day- I have had Ghevar with Rabdi and Moong daal halwa- both of which were yumm. There is also a fridge of sorts with shelves lined up with colourful desserts- pudding, kheer, cake and much more.. 

If you are gaping and wondering how expensive the place is, let me reassure you it is not. Veg is priced around Rs520-550 while non veg is close to Rs600. They also have a early bird rate that works during certain hours of the day. 

Absolute Barbecue

No. 45, Tower Victorie, 3rd Floor, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
089397 59382

Website: http://www.absolute-barbecue.com

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit 🙂

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