After an overnight bus journey and  quick nap we sure were hungry.. We managed to get a cup of coffee in the hotel we stayed at before venturing out to explore the town.
When we enquired about good place for veg breakfast the one name that was suggested by many was “Annapoorna Hotel” which was about 2kms from our hotel.
We walked into the place, took seat in an empty table and waited for someone to take our order. The place was basic- there was a room near the entrance which had breads, biscuits and all the flavoured powders(Horlicks, boost etc) and then there was a room of sorts where the manager sat with a table behind him filled with bottled water and various aerated drinks.
Ah finally the waiter came over- we ordered a Mini tiffin and a pepper dosa(recommended by the waiter).. The pepper dosa was a big dosa with liberal black pepper powder paste applied on the inside. It was accompanied with sambar and two kinds of chutneys. The dosa was amazing and got spicy as we reached the center of the dosa.. But since it was black pepper we dint find it too hot.
The mini tiffin arrived soon after- there was a mini masala dosa, small plate with mini idlies dunked in sambar with liberal splash of ghee, two pooris with potato masala, one idiyappam with coconut milk and finally a spoonful of sweet( wheat halwa).. It was more than filling and all this was for Rs60/-.
We enjoyed the food and went on to finish the meal with a hot beverage. I ordered coffee while friend chose panam kalkandu paal (palm sugar milk).. The total bill came upto Rs170/-..
With our tummies happy we set out to explore the town..

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