” I am OK, my wife. I need information.”

“Ok, what information do you want?”

“I am suspect she having AIDS. Want to check her”

Your wife will need to come in person sir. I will need her permission to test her….

“Permission no problem. when I bring her?”

What else should we check for?

” I want to know what else blood to check.” he said. “For diseases,” he said and then looked down and sighed.  “Wife had sex with 5 mans”…

Stumped, right? You are wondering what is going on? Well, this is how one of the pieces in Wasim’s book “10 patients” goes..  Each of the pieces are of real life instances that he has come upon, people who will have you wondering “is this for real?” ,”do such things actually happen” and every other possible gaping question will come bursting into your head. 

We all come across weird people, wacko people and then there are crazy people, but those who are featured in this book are none of the above, they are regular people except they have been through a lot or are going through some very troubling times. And then there are those who have you amazed, with their confidence, zest for life and positive attitude. 

All of 149 pages, this book was a pleasure to read.. It is not fiction, it is real, these are real people who came to Dr Wasim for consult/help…. 

When he shared the news of having a book ready to be published we wondered what it would be about. Would it be a piece of fiction, or about food [ he is a foodie] but this was quite a surprise. And I do hope he goes on to write more such books, not only are they interesting to read it gives us a reality check on life as well..

You can buy the ebook here on Amazon
Happy to share that the book was sold out on Flipkart within 3 days 😀 

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