Few weeks ago, I got a call from the Producer at Chennai Live 104.8 and she asked me if I would like to be a part of their series on Food Blogging. Not one to skip such an opportunity, I instantly said “Yes”.  Few minutes later, she sent me a whatsapp asking for a brief on my profile and informed me that I was to be at the studio the subsequent Monday around 8 pm. It was going to be an excl show on Food Blogging hosted by RJ Tausif. And i must say, I am quite sure I landed this opportunity courtesy Chennai Food guide [& my blogging journey ofcourse] 
I had been on Air few years ago for a program on books & reading anchored by Rj Jane. I enjoyed talking and talking impromptu came easy to me. Infact, while in College I had toyed with the idea of giving Rjing a shot. 
Before I get carried away, monday morning I got a message asking me to come a little earlier to the studio and I managed to reach the place by 7pm as requested. I waited for a few minutes before I was called into the recording studio. There was RJ Tausif behind the console, Akshay beside him and Amreen who stood in on the show. 
There was also Harsha , another RJ who was there for a Live talk show [7-8pm] on “airlines” with RJ Tausif. 
Now that we had all settled in, Tausif mentioned he was literally going to be doing 2 shows at a time… The one on “Airlines” was a live show, while he was going to record mine as he had another appointment between 8–9pm. I was ok with that! 
It was now time to get started… he would mention the topic for each segment and then we would record the same. It went on for a good hour, juggling between the shows and lot of laughter as well [ I shall not go into details, let us just say I had a whale of a time…] 
And it so happened that my 1st segment did not get recorded correctly and so we actually did that LIVE ON AIR @ 8pm… 
It was damn cool talking about food, my blogging journey– from the very 1st blog on Mahamudra to the latest, and of my passion for cooking, funny incidents etc etc… 
So, if you are having a boring day and need some entertainment, you can listen to my show here —
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