Plush interiors, comfortable seating and quiet ambiance is what comes to my mind the minute I hear “Beyond Indus at Taj Club house“. This is my 2nd or 3rd visit to the restaurant and every visit has been wow! 

They had a festival going on this time around, tad deviation from their signature menu but an interesting one nevertheless. 

It was about celebrating the rich dishes from Sonargaon, Taj Bengal’s iconic restaurant headed by Chef Rajib Mohanta . And what is more, the dishes are all inspired by “Jomidari Bangla Ranna” – the jamindari food has been influenced by the British Raj, Islamic cuisine and effects of partition.

The meal opened with the refreshing Aam Porar Sherbet [A drink made with roasted Mango pulp, flavoured with Cumin]. It was perfect start to the evening, considering the day had been very hot- agni nakshatram [peak summer] had begun yesterday. 

Soon after came an array of starters, 2 for veg and 2 non veg. The veg starters stole the evening- we had Hara Matar Bhutte Palak tawa Kebab [ Kebab made with corn kernels, green peas, spinach and spices] that melted in our mouth and was accompanied by a tamarind based chutney. The next one was Vegetable Chops [ a cutlet of sorts that was made with mixed vegetables and peanuts] served with mint chutney. The non veggies got their share of starters, but I did notice they enjoyed the veg starters more.. 🙂 

During the flow of the conversation, we got to meet Chef who told us how he had brought down some of the spices from Kolkatta, especially Panch Phoron, literally meaning “five spices“-  jeera, black onion seed, methi, saunf and radhuni. He went on to add, “Bengali food is quite simple and filled with flavour. Most of the dishes have been made in mustard oil, rather than sunflower/refined oil.”  He had been flown down to Chennai exclusively for the festival and is here only till the 10th of May. 

For the main course, we got different kinds of naan – one with chilli and olives, the other was chilli only- both of which were soft and fresh. For the sides, the veg dishes are Badi palak [ Fresh vegetables cooked with spinach] which was my favourite of them all, Narkel Diye Chholar Dal [ Channa daal cooked with cumin, ginger and coconut shavings]I noticed coconut is Narial in Hindi and is Narked in Bengali [ quite similar]- the dal was heavenly and light. And the other dish was Khus Mehak Paneer [ Paneer cooked in tomato gravy that was flavoured with fresh rose petals and spices]- this gravy was very very different from any paneer dish I have tasted, it also had a slight pungent bitterness to it. Wasn’t really my kinda dish.. 

And for the meat eaters, there was the Beckti Macher fry [ a deep crumbed fish fillet] and Murg Chakori Kebab [ char grilled star anise flavoured chicken morsels]. I did see the guys polish them off as well. We did get to sample the Basanti Pulao [ Basmati rice cooked with saffron and raisins]- perfect combo for the Badi Palak. 

The evening wasn’t just about savouring the dishes we were served. We chit chatted so much about food, Taj properties, the Chefs, recipes, bengali food and the region, that I knew I had to make a trip there soon. Time flew by and that is when we noticed the desserts arrive in style. The dessert for the evening was Patisapta [fresh coconut cooked with jaggery that had been filled and rolled in rice pancakes] and a portion of delicious Kulfi as well. 

Burrp.. it sure was a meal fit for a Queen/ King.. And we felt pampered at the end of the night. A meal for one would cost around Rs1000 [ not incl beverages]. 

Remember this festival is on only till the 10th May.. So hurry up if you want to sample some amazing offbeat interesting food.. Oh and the main menu is quite extensive, this was just a slice from the bigger pot of Mishti Doi  … 🙂

Address: Taj Club House# 2, Club House Road, Chennai, TN 600002Phone:044 6631 3503 

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit 🙂

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