Dear Diary,

It has been 4 months since I moved back to my grandparents place..
It has been 4 months since grandpa passed away
It has been 4 long months since I enjoyed ME time….

I do miss living on my own
I do miss doing my own thing
I do miss having the freedom to cook what I want
I do miss just being Me
I do miss doing up my space the way I want to
I do miss having the liberty to change things
I do miss a lot of little things…

I dont regret the choices I have made
I dont regret the move I made
I dont regret making all these changes to my life..

But I do miss ME time..
There is a constant air of suffocation all around.
Questions, queries and suspicion
Why. Where. When..
Will this ever change? Will people ever understand the concept of “space”?
Or is this going to be a battle that goes on forever with no end in sight?

Sigh. I know it is weekend and I should be out.
But what to do, i cancelled my plans
While others went ahead with theirs
not bothering to update us!!

Oh well…  Alright, am gonna go knock myself out.. thanks for listening to me patiently..

Talk to you soon

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