To read how the evening began, click here… After the initial round of decent food at Holas, we stepped out wondering where to go for Dinner. Got into the car, pulled it out and drove towards the beach looking for a spot to park in. Actually, no we kept looking for Kwality walls or Arun ice cream vandi and found one.. 🙂

Headed for the stall, asked the lady if she had mango, if she had grape, if she had orange.. and what not.. I got grape, the others picked various other flavours [ we also got a boy an ice cream, he kept pestering us for money, and finally gave in and said -ok saar, naan ice cream sapduvein] .. Yumm is how the ice cream was.. Finished it, got back to the car but Doc was loitering about the beach for a while, he then comes back to the car with a perplexed look “Enna sundal ella sapadliya? ” hehe… 

We then got on the road and after much deliberation, ended up at Jonah’s.. Had a bit of doubt if they would be open [was nearly 10.30pm] but was told they are open past 11pm.. Yay!! Waltzed in, attacked the dessert counter. We ordered up a storm.  I wanted waffles, and the staff told us about a fruit waffle, which sounded interesting, and we went ahead ordering a plate of it.. biggest mistake of the evening.. The waffles were stuffed with canned fruits, soaked in that syrup and was yuck.. The others were quite good- eclair, fruit tart, flan, and cheesecake.  The flan was a pleasant surprise, so was the fruit tart. 

The dessert bill was around Rs1200… 

[Picture courtesy- Shady boy]
Wound up for the evening and scooted out onto the night to see where else we could prowl..teehee… Luckily, none of us had a curfew and we ended up at a friend’s house, yapped there till about 2.30am and finally dragged ourselves home… 

Was one helluva night.. Looking forward to the next one already… 

Jonah’s Bistro 
147/9, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090
044 4351 1119

No animals were injured during the evening, well, except maybe for a chicken that landed on the pizza.. We promise we did nothing but have fun 🙂 
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