It was one of those plans that fell into place before you could blink our eyes twice.. Well, that is a bit of exaggeration, but nevertheless it was a trip that happened without too much drama..  A bunch of us decided we should do a trip… The gang had planned an earlier one, but few of us couldn’t go [last minute] and this time the troops were playing it down and keeping it low.. 

None of us squealed about it to anyone. Some did share the news, well God bless their understanding families. Some of the others had to cook up stories, some just said “work”… It went to such an extent that one family left the day before and were there ahead of the rest of us..ha ha… 

Since I have been there numerous times, I was given the task of finding us the place to stay at.. After a bit of debate, it was down to 3 of us who took the decision.. Hotel Atithi it was!! I have been here for lunch earlier, and remember it being fairly close to the beach and being a nice property, it would be a good bet. 

We had decided to scoot Saturday morning and be back Sunday evening.. Reached the hotel around noon, checked in and waited for the souls who had landed earlier… And thus began our trip… 

Here are a few pictures from the Hotel.. The view was fabulous[we could see the ocean not so far away] a huge field of sorts, a small lane with a temple where there was quite a bit of activity happening.. The rooftop restaurant looked very inviting, and then there was a pool right on top.. Wow what a view!! 

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