I have had quite a few people ask me if there are good breakfast places in the city.. Oh yes, I tell them! They stare at me amused.. So i have decided to do a new series on the blog where I shall share Breakfast destinations across the city!! 

Here is the 1st one- Jonah’s meets Chef Willi on Kasturi Rangan Road…  

A fairly new place, it is located on the 1st floor at the junction near Ashwini Hospital. The decor is quite plush, blue velvet sofa and beautiful intricate wood work panels on the walls.. There are three separate seating areas, with some along the window giving you a view of the street below. As you walk in, you will cross the counter with the delectable desserts in them…. [they source their desserts from Bakers street, Pondicherry] 

The shelves between the rooms have a mixed collection of books, art and deco.. Some of the books are quite good~! perfect reading while you wait for your dishes to arrive..  

Onto the food, their breakfast menu is not extensive but it is impressive. There are enough options for both sides of the fence- Vegetarians and Non vegetarians. 

I am a veg, and i picked the mushroom on toast from the menu along with a cup of hot coffee.  The dish came with Italian Soda bread, the name had me curious. 

The portion sizes are fairly large, so if you are not ravenous or really hungry, make sure to just order one and share with your company. Mine came looking beautiful and generous. The bread was wow- it had a rugged look, and taste was quite unique, none like what I have had before. 

The coffee was piping hot, with just the right amount of froth! 

Well, this dish was priced around Rs200 [dont remember right]… But it is very filling & yummy… So next time you are looking for breakfast option, consider this!! 

Jonah’s meets Chef Willi

No.29, 1st Floor, Kasturi Rangan Road, Poes Garden, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
044 4305 3030
Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit 🙂
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