I did what I knew best.. took to the online world, which is where I got all information from and where requests/updated flowed faster than the #Chennairains.. 
I began sharing updates, images and videos from home and around… But the one thing I stayed away from was sharing pictures of people receiving relief. Now, this is something I don’t understand.. People want to see others come begging for relief/for help.. what kind of sadistic pleasure do you get by that is something that beats me!  Yes, we did have a few donors ask for photographs as proof of their funds being rightfully used, but here too we clicked pictures only of relief material, the lorry and things like that. It was never of people actually receiving them.. We have no idea what they are going through, what has driven them to literally putting their arms out and begging for things. So, it is not right to take pictures of them taking the materials. 
During one relief distribution outing to Tsunami Colony, Chemmenchery, I was chit chatting with a people around there. A girl looked at and said “akka, ethavathu velai irundha sollunga”. I then asked her “have you worked somewhere, what have you done?” And she replied “we have completed Bcom and are stuck here”. They used to live in Perambur, but their house burnt down and the Government relocated them here to the houses in this colony… Felt so helpless and depressed.  This is just one story… there are so many… Shall share them in coming posts..just to give you an idea of what the floods did to the amazing folks in our city… 
Here are a few posts I shared on Instagram…

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